Think of all the ‘clever’ genres and different categories journalists create to classify a new sound, such as “trip-hop,” “glitch-hop,” “EBM,” “IDM,” or my favorite “illbient.” So how would one classify or categorize the new album by the Belgian musician Jerry Dimmer, (a.k.a. Dim Dim) “Kiwi”?
A better question is why would you ever want to?
An album that is built out of fragments of children songs, cartoon samples, simple rhythms, and beautiful guitar melodies, need not be classified into any particular genre or category. It exists outside these boundaries.

Although 70 minutes in length and 20 tracks total, the album retains its freshness even after a few listens. Like its namesake, "Kiwi" is sweet, fuzzy and complex. The opening “Riri” takes the listener into the colorful and playful world that is “Kiwi.” Outstanding tracks also include “Caramba,” “Here and Now,” and “Amsterdam.” “Caramba” begins with a guitar melody that is played over a simple programmed rhythm. Stretched and pitch-shifted vocal samples float in and out of the mix, while synths give the song grandeur in the refrain. “Here and Now” is a chugging and very danceable track. Strange sound effects and vocal snippets are added to the mix, threatening to unsettle the harmony established by the guitar, but ultimately becoming part of it. While “Amsterdam,” a beautiful vocal track, with a good dose of production finesse and hip-hop flavor, shows that Dim Dim is capable of creating a great ‘pop’ song. Overall, a very fun album and a highly recommended buy.
Eat Up!

by Dmitry Tochilovsky